How should negotiate with the bank?

Negotiation is an effort of interaction that takes place in order to generate benefits for the parties.

It is a process by which interested parties (the creditor and / or his legal representative and the debtor and / or their legal representative) resolve the conflict generated by the lack of payment of a loan or financing in particular agreed solution lines, seeking a fair settlement amount, they try to get as a result the debt is clinched in full. It is generally seen as an alternative to the problem of lack of liquidity to meet our financial obligations resolution.
In the following video you will see the recommendations that our director of the legal department of Defense Debtor Lic. José Vázquez makes for finance specialist Market Economy program should be negotiated as payment of a debt.


I’ll reveal one of those great secrets of banks: how much they cost actually credits or loans payroll.

CONDUSEF recently released a new financial calculator, which shows how much you end up paying for one of these loans. To show how it works, it occurred to me to run a simulation with the following conditions:

-credit Of $ 30,000.00 US
-Time Payment 24 months
monthly -earnings of $ 6,000.00 us
And the cheapest results were as follows.

The cheaper credit has a rate of 24% annually, it costs me about $ 1000 us monthly payment (one-sixth of my salary) and at the end end up paying nearly $ 39,000 us, ie an additional 30% of the amount requested.

The Afirme is to be caps on the wall, the interest rate is 93% per year and after 2 years of payments of almost $ 1600 us, end up paying more than double the original loan.

Auchhhhh !!!

If you want to run your own simulations, Picale here

The recommendations are:

Just ask for a loan to payroll when you are sure that if you can afford, remember that you’re putting as collateral your future income, and if something were to spend the bank has the right (signed by you in the contract) to take your paycheck deposited to list what you owe.

Do not accept a pre-approved so you get the full amortization table and know how much you are paying credit.

Ask what additional charges are. All loans must cotratar life insurance for the holder to death if the debt is paid, that amount is in addition to the payment of the debt.

The payday loan is your last option, and only take it when you are really sure that you can pay … going to work for several years for the bank, not for you.